– качественные вещи из стекла и хрусталя от производителя из Чехии


Aesthetes, gourmets of life and connoisseurs of beauty strive to surround themselves with beauty and harmony always and in everything. Eating, festive atmosphere, presents for significant life events — everywhere they are accompanied by items unique in execution and rarity. Czech Bohemia has always been famous for works of art made of a special kind of glass and rare crystal, striking in their unsurpassed aestheticism and durability. Bohemian crystal at


Crystal and glass from the Czech Republic have always been famous for their high quality of transparency and rich ringing. The composition of Bohemian crystal is glass with a content of 24% tin oxide, thanks to this, the material becomes more pliable for cutting, and also has a high refraction, because of this, glasses and vases made of crystal have a shine!


Distinctive features of crystal and glass from a Czech manufacturer


Many people think that real Bohemian crystal always rings better than glass, but this is the first mistake! It is not crystal that rings, but the shape of the product, for example, if it is glasses with a rim closed on top or just a straight shape, like glasses for water and whiskey, vases, then this shape will allow the product to have a rich sound. But if the glass has a drop-down rim and a thin bowl, then the sound will not be long and sonorous.

So how, then, can these two materials be distinguished? There are two correct ways — the first: crystal dishes will always be heavy, even with thin walls! Second: crystal and metallic overflow are also inherent only in crystal.


Today, some connoisseurs of elegant tableware of the week Czech products on crystal glass, since the differences are only in the lead component. The higher (up to a third of the heavy metal), the more expensive the product. Engravers and carvers manage to cover such beer mugs or cognac sets or other products with the most unthinkable patterns without prejudice to the density of the crystal or glass structure.


Criteria for choosing Bohemian glass or crystal


Bohemian glass (crystal) is different:


— lead content — if the product contains less than 4% lead oxide, then this is ordinary glass. In the Czech Republic, high-quality crystal refers to products with 24% lead. Crystal with lead oxide over 30% — a luxury product (according to European standard);

— on the iridescent overflow and play of light in the edges;

— the sharp edge of a glass or vase, the finger will not hurt, but the sharpness is palpable;

— by the duration of the ringing and small vibration — with a light knock, the real one will ring for at least four seconds.